8 Ways to Declutter

One of the most challenging events in our lives can be moving to a new home, but it need not be as stressful as we make out. Not all of us relish the idea of moving home – all the upheaval, the organising and the worry of sorting out everything we own can sometimes be overwhelming.

Moving to a new home should bring with it excitement and anticipation of the new and when downsizing it can sometimes be daunting. Especially when on average most people when downsizing do so by at least a third.

It's probably taken many years to collect all the items that clutter up our lives, rooms and cupboards, so a move is the ideal time to do something about it. If you plan and take it one step at a time, you will be amazed with what can be achieved - it can also be a hugely liberating and cathartic experience.

Don't Rush Things
All your decisions won't be made in a day. Sit down first and have a think about what you may want to take with you and what you don't need. Make yourself a list of what to ‘take' and what to ‘leave', you could even put coloured stickers on which items are to take or leave.

Spare Wardrobes and Cupboards
There's always that wardrobe or cupboard filled with clothes we haven't worn in ages and the things that have been stored and never used. You will need to be firm with yourself here, if it's been over three years or more since anything had been worn or used it's a good sign that it's not something to take with you.

Only One
Two toasters, two kettles, a few sets of crockery and more usually fill our cupboards. One set of crockery with a spare is enough, get rid of the extras that aren't used anymore. Ask family members if they need a toaster or another set of crockery.

Enlist Helpers
Invite family and friends around to help you, it can ease the decision making and turn the task into a social affair. As well as helping you to make those difficult decisions they'll usually be happy to take some of the larger items like furniture or white goods off your hands.

Sell Larger Items
You may have furniture items that could be of value and will be too big for you new home. Enquire at a local auction house to give yourself an idea of how much you could sell items for. The money could be used as a nest egg of to buy some soft furnishing for your new home.

Charities are always happy to take items off you hands, smaller items can be dropped off and many charities will pick up larger items free of charge.
The British Heart Foundation offers a free furniture and electricals collection service. Call 0844 412 5000 or ask at your local store. It would be a shame to throw away useful items that can raise money for a worthwhile charity.

Shred Away
Paper can be heavy and cumbersome, especially if you have a home office to clear. Sort your paperwork onto piles of wanted and not wanted. A home shredder isn't overly expensive to buy and can reduce your unwanted paper bulk quickly and efficiently. Use plastic crates with lids to store the paperwork you still need to keep.

Skip Hire
Hiring a skip may be well worth the cost if you have a lot of rubbish that's not worth keeping or handing on. Always remember that this is a positive step that you're making and you will feel a huge weight lifted once you have got rid of the clutter.

If your downsizing move isn't a permanent one, the ideal solution is temporary storage, for the items you won't be needing. Give us a call at Swan Removals and Storage to talk about the many storage solutions we have to offer. Not only can we handle the move to you new home we can also move the unwanted items in your life to safe storage and, when you're ready, move them back to you.

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