A Few Tips on Saving Money Around the Home

If we can we all like you save money around the home. It is possible to make a few simple changes to your lifestyle that will save pounds on your household bills and help the environment too. Here's just a few simple tips on how you can start saving now:

Washing and Drying
Use your washing line to dry clothes instead of using a tumble dryer and only wash your clothes when you have a full load. Washing powders today are just as effective used on a low temperature setting, which saves energy and money. If you've got economy 7, use a timer to wash at night when electricity is cheaper.

Efficient Freezing
Check the door seals on your fridge and freezer are working to improve efficiency and try not to leave the freezer door open too long. Defrost your freezer regularly and make sure it's not located close to hot appliances.

Bath Time
Set your hot water thermostat to 60C/140F – this will save you money straight away. If you are on a water meter have a refreshing shower instead of a bath. A five minute shower uses roughly 35 litres of water, compared to a bath that can use up to 80 litres - this can save you over 300 litres of water in a week – a huge saving. Try fitting a flow restrictor to the shower to restrict the flow to 6 litres/minute for more water saving.

One third of your water consumption is used by your toilet - you are literally flushing money down the pan every time you flush. To cut consumption, reduce the number of times you flush. A number of water-saving items can be found on your local water authority website. If you are about to renovate your bathroom, you might want to consider installing a water-saving, dual-flush cistern.

Insulate Your Home
Simple things like closing your curtains at dusk will stop heat escaping through your windows. Insulating your roof is one of the most effective ways to keep in heat and save you money. Grants are available for roof insulation – check with you local authority to see what you are eligible for.

Air Conditioning
If you're tempted to use air-conditioning on a hot night, switch off your electrical appliances such as TVs, stereos and DVDs. They all generate heat and will add to the heat in the house. A cool quick shower before bedtime will also help you to sleep.

Don't Standby
Modern TV's and Hi-Fi's are extremely energy efficient when in use but leaving them on standby overnight or when you're out can use at least half the energy they would use when switched on.

Within These Walls
Up to 33 per cent of the heat produced in your home is lost through the walls. Cavity wall insulation is a worthwhile consideration as an effective way to save a great deal of energy in your home. Again, you may be eligible for a grant for this so check with your local authority.

Whether you've just moved to a new build home or an older property that needs renovation these are just a few things to bear in mind when trying to keep down costs and be kind to the environment at the same time.

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