Top tips for stress free international removals

Moving abroad can be a very exciting yet stress-filled experience, and under such conditions it can be easy to run into problems – be it forgotten documents or simply overwhelmed with the level of organisation. Here at Swan Removals we are the international removals experts, and to help you remain calm and organised during your international move, we've put together a list of our top tips. Read on to find out more...

Gathering documents
Prior to packing a lifetime of items away into boxes, it is advisable to gather and set aside any important documents. This can be anything from the deeds to your house, passports which are essential for travel (and expensive to replace in a rush!), and bank statements. You may find you end up with a file of paper work, but at least you will have everything to hand should you need it. To be extra sure, make photocopies of documents you will need immediately such as passports and any visas. If you ever need to replace anything having a photocopy to document serial numbers will be very helpful and go a long way towards their replacement.

Sell and buy new, or ship?
It can seem like a tempting option to sell large belongings, such as sofas and dining sets. However, the reality of selling all of these items a reasonable price can prove difficult, time consuming and stressful if multiple potential buyers decide not to take them after organising a viewing. In addition to this, it can be difficult to replace them at your new destination if you are unfamiliar with the area – rural France, for example, would make finding furniture difficult as there may not be the same access to large dedicated furniture stores. In terms of cost, it is surprisingly economical to simply ship your belongings, which of course has the added benefit that you can settle into your new home with familiar items fit for purpose.

Organisation is key
Like any large scale project, be it remodelling your home, adding a loft conversion or an international relocation, organisation is the key to success. Try to approach each step of the move before it actually happens, such as planning when to start packing, how things will be packed, identifying what shipping method suits you best and applying for any visas you may need. Each removal project is unique, perhaps you have a lot of antiques that require additional insurance, or that in addition to the move itself you have young children to look after – whatever the case, sitting down weeks or even months prior to the move will help you obtain an organised frame of mind and everything will go to plan.

Choosing a removals company
A good removals company will ensure that you are familiar with every step of the removals process, from how to pack your boxes (unless you opt for a packing service), which shipping method suits you best – be it shared crate shipping so you only pay for the space you need – or air freight. With these tips in mind, your international removals project should go off without a hitch!

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