Storing Items Correctly

Swan Removals and Storage offer a range of storage solutions for your belongings; short term, long term and self-storage – all safe and secure.

If you are putting your items into storage, for whatever reason, here are a few tips that will keep your belongings in good condition to prevent any damage or deterioration:

Choose your storage boxes wisely, always buy good quality to prevent boxes from collapsing when stacked. Boxes that are made to stack together will reduce the amount of storage space required and allow you to store more items in less space. Speak to your Swan Removals And Storage representative about storage boxes – we always have an enormous supply at hand and, depending on your contract with us, may be included in your storage costs.

Always label your boxes correctly – write the contents not only on the top of the boxes but on the sides too – this way you will be able locate specific items more easily in the storage unit without having to remove too many boxes. Attach a sheet on paper on the side of the box with a list of its - if you want to be even more organised you can number your boxes and create a box contents list on your computer using the reference number for each box, this way you will be able to find items quickly and easily.

When packing boxes it is important to pack correctly. As with stacking always place heavier items at the bottom and lighter items at the top. Remember to fill the box completely to avoid any weak areas which can cause them to collapse when stacked on top of each other. But remember, Swan Removals And Storage also offer a complete packing service where you can be assured that your items are packed safely and correctly.

Metal items including tools, bikes and garden implements that are going to be in storage for any length of time can be prevented from rusting by wiping them over with an oily rag or spraying WD40, or similar, before putting into storage. Ensure that all electrical appliances are cleaned, dried and are empty, wedge open the doors to let the air circulate. Make sure that freezers and fridges are completely defrosted and dried.

A good tip is to lay plastic sheeting on the floor of the storage unit to protect items at ground level from the surface of the unit.

Always place valuable items towards the back of your storage unit and try to stack it to the ceiling - place heavy items like drawers, wardrobes and the like on the floor and the lighter and more fragile items on the top. Any gaps or spaces between items can be filled with soft furnishings such as cushions and bedding. When stacking boxes up high always remember to keep the heavy boxes at the bottom.

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