How to Choose the Right Storage Facility for your Business

Relocating your office or business can be a very stressful task, and if you have a lot of materials and possessions to move, it can take a lot of time, effort and space. However, there are methods that you can use to seriously ease the workload for you and whoever else is moving with you. Simply by choosing the right storage company, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary journeys, making your move much more efficient. This article will detail the things you should consider when choosing a storage facility in the Durham area.

One of the most vital aspects of any potential storage facility is how safe your belongings will be when you leave them there. At Swan Removals and Storage, our storage facilities are totally secure, ensuring you can leave your belongings with us and enjoy complete peace of mind, no matter how long you’re storing them for. Our facilities are monitored around the clock, ensuring that whether you’re storing two boxes or more boxes than you can count, your possessions will be as safe as possible.

This may seem obvious, but when choosing a storage facility you may be surprised at the fact that some storage solutions don’t cater for customers with large amounts of possessions. If you’re relocating your business, it is likely that you will have large equipment such as tables, chairs or computers, which require a lot of space to be stored safely. Swan storage solutions cater for both large and small storage needs, storing them securely for as long as you need.

Minimum/Maximum Stay Allowance
When relocating your office, you may have a rough idea of how long the move will take, but there is always a chance that you might experience delays or, if you’re lucky, get the job done ahead of schedule. For this reason, you need to make sure that there is a suitable minimum and maximum stay allowance for your storage. Swan Removals and Storage have both long and short term storage solutions available, to ensure your possessions are kept safe for as long as you need them to be.

Quality Staff
Any storage facility should have staff on hand to help you with anything you need, whether it’s a simple query or helping you move your possessions to and from the containers, helpful staff will make your job a lot easier. At Swan Removals and Storage, our friendly, professional team are more than willing to help you with anything you need, working around your availability to ensure that your use of our facilities is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Being able to access your belongings when you need to is very important, and for some people, spare time can be at a premium. Couple time restrictions with inhibiting access times for your storage facility and getting to your possessions can be difficult. At Swan Removals and Storage, however, we work around your availability to ensure that you can access your stored items as and when you need to.

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