Setting up a home office

You given up your 9 to 5 day job and are setting out on your own – and even better, working from home. So you'll be setting up a home office, which can be an expensive affair – but there are ways to do it on the cheap, at least until you're earning more.

Before you buy the larger item organising your office stationery is one important consideration – here are a few tips to help you create an organized clutter-free space:

Utilise the Kitchen:
The smaller items such as paper clips, tapes, staplers, pens, pencils and so on. It is easy to lose them when you don't have a proper place for them. One quick way to sort them is to use what's in the kitchen cupboards. Egg cups for small items, coffee cups and glasses can be used for pen holders. They do the same job as more expensive office items.

Shelve It:
If you don't have the space to put up shelves or just want things to be within arm's reach, you can stack smaller shelves on top of each other right on top of your desk. But make sure that your table is sturdy enough to take the weight.

Use the Wall:
Use one side of your wall as a bulletin board or pin board – cork boards are cheap and easy to hang and will give you lots of extra space to keep all your important and ‘to-do' notes. You can separate sections with coloured ribbons or use coloured pins tacks to denote different items.

Get Hooked:
Any hooks you have around the house that aren't being used will come in very handy. Attach them within reach for things such as headphones, keys, coffee mugs, or anything that can be hung – keeping your desk free of clutter.

Magnetic Racks:
Work great as another way to keep your desk clutter free. Buy a magnetic rack and just stick on clips, rulers or anything metal.

Spare Table:
Have a separate table to keep all your larger items on, such as your printer, scanner or photocopier. This is the best way to keep that clutter of cables and plugs away from your work space.

And finally – once you've got your home office organized, it's time to make it comfortable. Think about some nice and functional lighting, put up some pictures or display some of your favourite items – remember you'll be spending quite a bit of time there so make it a pleasant place to be.

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