How to Sell Your Property Without Dropping Price

If your property is marked down from its original selling price, it's a possible sign that your budgeting plan hasn't worked. You will have you missed the important initial two weeks when buyers and estate agents are most interested and there will no way for your home to compete with other properties that are better priced.

Lowering the price will probably not help as much as you may think. Buyers will begin to think hat something is wrong with your property, or they may use this as leverage to lower the price even further. Estate agents won't take too much notice when your agent relists your home at a lower price because it is not a new listing anymore.

If you are ready to sell your home, don't bother testing the market. The best thing to do is to price it right in the first place and then stick as close to the original asking price as possible. For the best results, price your home at the current market value -- not where prices were in 2011, or where they might be in 2017.

Current market value will mean your property will compare with recent listings and recent sales of homes that are similar to yours in size, style, local amenities and its location. If property prices are dropping in your area, you may want to set your original price under the current market values in order to get more interest from potential buyers. If prices are moving upwards, stay with the trend - don't go pricing above.

Always remember to make sure that potential buyers see your property in the best possible condition. Amongst estate agents the most important things to consider are; how your home looks from the curb and (more often these days) how it looks online. First impressions are important and require that you spend particular time and attention to the exterior appeal; like keeping your walks and drives swept, painting the front door, adding flower tubs or even a new welcome mat.

When done correctly photography can be the best selling tool for your property Remove clutter, fluff pillows, clear tabletops and countertops and remove your children's toys. Take a few digital shots and look for things that stand out – they are usually the bad things like a rumpled bed, a wastebasket full of paper, or your wardrobe bulging with clothes. Once all the standouts are gone your property will ready for the estate agents' photographer who should have the right lighting and equipment to help make your property as attractive as possible.

When selling your property - less is more. You want the property to stand out and your personal belongings to disappear. If you have too much stuff lying around, put the excess into short-term storage. Potential buyers come to your home will be looking for flaws – just as you did when you viewed your new property. Make sure the little details taken care of, especially the small repairs. The less that needs to be fixed or replaced the more ready to move in the property appears to the buyer.

Buyer-friendliness is an area that you shouldn't underestimate. If you want a certain price for your property, think about giving the buyer something extra to make it worth paying full price; offer to pay the closing costs (up to a certain amount), or offer to leave the washer, dryer and refrigerator – it all helps in obtaining the price you want for your property.

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