Self-Storage: Top Tips

More and more people today are turning to self-storage as a good solution to de-clutter their personal or business lives. There are many reasons why people need to use self-storage facilities for domestic or commercial purposes. Whether you want to move house and need to keep your possessions safe, or you are relocating abroad, it is important to find a storage place that will keep your belongings safe and secure. You also want to find the most flexible and cost-effective solution, especially if you are looking to store away your items for a few months or years.

Here are the top 5 self-storage tips and advice that allow you to determine whether it's the right option for you.

Choose size carefully
Before parting with your money, make sure that you choose the right size unit. Most facilities allow customers to view a range of units before selecting the right one. Take measurements and work out whether all your items will fit into the space. You wouldn't want to squeeze your boxes only to find that they don't fit, and similarly, you don't want to rent a big unit if you only have a couple of boxes to store.

Decide the type of amenities you want before renting a unit
Different self-storage facilities have different amenities such as climate-controlled spaces, CCTV cameras, access controlled gates with codes, and multiple stories for those in need of larger units. These are just some of the typical amenities on offer, but there are many more you can choose from, depending on your personal budget.

Optimise your space
No matter how many boxes or pieces of furniture you wish to store, you must make sure you optimise the space available. If any of your items are collapsible or can be disassembled, they will leave you with more room. Don't hesitate to stack your boxes to the ceiling starting from heavy boxes at the bottom of the pile and lighter ones on top. This will allow you to reclaim your items without feeling overwhelmed with clutter.

Label everything
Perhaps one of the biggest tips for self-storing your items is to label each box and take an inventory of your unit. This will help you find the things you need in the future. In the event of fire, flooding, or theft, you need to make a claim through an insurance agent. If you have correctly labelled everything, it will help you find what you need efficiently without having to open all the other boxes in the unit.

Perishable items
When selecting the right storage facility, it goes without saying that you should avoid keeping any perishable items inside your unit. Make sure you take food items out prior to filling the storage unit with boxes and furniture. Fruits or vegetables can rot while in the unit, causing many problems for you and other renters. What's more, these items may attract rats or other pests that can damage property so it's best to avoid bringing perishables inside the unit.

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