Moving Abroad with Kids

When moving abroad with children it's all about their happiness, because if the kids are happy then the parents will be too. Expat families all say that a happy and welcoming environment for the kids always is top of the list when moving abroad.
Moving abroad can be both exciting and a little scary for children, this is often balanced out by the introduction to new cultures for the whole family and children living abroad tend to develop skills that make them more adaptable than children living at home. As young children they inevitably pick up skills, are more open minded than their parents and in a new situation can figure out their way very quickly.
Some overseas locations are more child-friendly than others and four countries stand out amongst the rest – but what makes these countries more family-friendly than others?

New Zealand
This nature haven ranks as the best place to raise children, coming in first before South Africa and Germany. The people that put NZ at the top of their list said they were impressed with the improved safety of their children and healthy outdoors lifestyle.
Like living in a small community it was commented on the friendliness of strangers and being able to approach and talk to anyone.
NZ ranks top with air and water quality and the country's focus on bringing up healthy children and an effective but not too competitive education system - parents said their children had a more well-rounded upbringing in New Zealand - according to survey results.

The capital, Vienna has topped many lists for quality of living in 2014 and 2015. The social system in Austria was commented on as having a ‘lot of support for parents'.
Parental leave is major draw for many families. Working parents can switch off staying at home for a fully-paid two-year parental leave once their child is born. Additionally, all families receive “kindergeld” a monthly stipend for childcare expenses until the child turns 18, based on age and number of children.
The kindergarten, like many private learning institutions here, is subsidised by the government. The city's international schools, attended by the children of diplomats (the United Nations has one of its major sites here), makes it easier for expat children to adjust in a diverse community. Older children who attend accredited German, British, French and American schools can transfer their credits to universities abroad. Learning to speak different languages is another big draw and benefit for expats from the UK.

Cities such as Zurich, Geneva and Basel have long been known as havens for expats from all around the world. But raising children in this German and French-speaking country can be just as rewarding for the parents too.
It country tops many lists for the best overall lifestyle for expats as the best overall place to live and regularly gets top marks for safety, education and how easy it is to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Young children aren't pressured to perform and learn by ‘playing'. The Swiss education system consistently gets high marks worldwide. Most families tend not to send their kids to the expensive private international schools and state universities and instead opt for the Swiss public school system which helps kids adjust better to the Swiss way of life.

Regularly listed as the safest for children came in fourth as the best place to raise children. Nine of 10 expats in Japan who responded to a recent survey said their children's safety improved after moving to Japan.
Also, the country regularly gets a top ranking for everything from the quality of the food to the education system and infrastructure, with plenty of parks. Even the city areas such as Kyoto and Tokyo have plenty of parks.
The Japanese culture is very protective of children who are encouraged to walk to school with a group of fiends – something that is becoming more alien in the UK.
Adjusting to life in Japan can be more difficult than nearby Hong Kong and Singapore with their large expat communities. In order to integrate properly learning some Japanese is essential in order to integrate properly.

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