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You've gone through the application process at UCAS, received offers from you top choice universities, and studied your socks off to ensure exam success – but after all of the effort it's easy to forget that moving to university can be a highly logistical task!

Here at Swan Removals and Storage we are the experts when it comes to moving and offer the perfect storage solutions with students in mind. As self-proclaimed experts we've put together this helpful article containing some of the benefits and options available to you, whether you're moving out for the first time or coming to study in the UK from overseas. Read on for our student's guide to self-storage…

Summer solutions
During the summer, even if you are staying in the same flat/house, many lettings companies will require you to move your belongings out for at least a 2 week period to allow them to check out the property, perform any maintenance required, as well as safety checks for any electric items they provide, such as fridges and washing machines. Whilst it's great that your lettings company are taking good care of the place, what are you meant to do with all of your belongings if you want to avoid hiring a van and taking them back home?

You can arrange to have your belongings collected and put into storage for you, or you can get them there yourselves, it's entirely up to you. The beauty of it is you can arrange student self-storage for as many or as little days as you require.

Does your contract require you to move out for 4 weeks? No problem, pack your things into boxes and move them into self-storage. The rest is up to you: travel the world, spend some time at home maybe, or road-trip the UK – all without the worry of moving your things.

Overseas students
Studying in the UK is a fantastic experience that can open up a whole new world of culture, friends, and fields of study, however moving overseas has probably meant you have had to condense your life into essentials that will fit into one suitcase or the odd package sent by air-mail. Whilst this is a workable solution to moving overseas on your way into the UK, after 3 or more years of study you will have inevitably collected pieces of furniture, clothing, and other possessions that you don't want to leave behind.

Like most students, during the summer you will be required to vacate your property for a period of time, but this kind of storage can also come in handy for overseas students as a solution to the problem mentioned above. Rather than shipping your belongings back and forth you can simply put them into student storage for a period of time and they will be ready to collect upon your return. Student storage is clean, dry, and available for varying periods of lease – so you don't have to worry about flying back sooner than you'd like to because everything is on your terms – as long as you comply with any rules set by the storage company!

You've graduated, so what now?
It may seem like a repeat of your sixth form/college years, but this is the final set of exams that sits between you and the big wide world! It's worth taking the time to think about your future career options so that when the time comes you can spend your summer applying for your dream job. But in the meantime you may want to explore your housing options. Many people move back in with their parents to bridge the gap, whereas others continue to support themselves with a full-time service job until their dream job comes along, but in either case you may find you don't have enough room for the furniture and belongings you've collected over the years.

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