A Parent's Guide – Moving House with Children

Moving house can be one of life's more stressful tasks, and when you add the extra element of children it can seem unmanageable. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that the transition from old place to new goes as smoothly as possible. Keeping your children entertained and happy can be quite difficult, but with the tips mentioned in this article, you may find the perfect solution.

Get the Kids Involved
Letting your kids contribute to the move in their own small ways can do wonders for their enthusiasm. Encourage them with jobs like packing some of their favourite toys in a special box or their rucksack, that way they know where the toys are and this can be comforting for them. Packing the toys last means that they are more likely to be first out at your new home, minimising the time without toys.

Moving Day
When the move is finally upon you, try and get a relative or friend to look after the kids for the day. Although letting them help in their own way can be quite useful, if they are with a relative or friends then you don't have to worry about keeping them entertained or occupied. This allows you to get all the ‘big' jobs done and then the kids can come back to their new home without having to wait for you to unload things from the van.

Saying Goodbye
Where possible, try and arrange a small party or gathering for your children and their friends. Don't make it overly dramatic, but they will enjoy being able to see their friends again, especially if your new home is a considerable distance away. Take photographs and videos for them to remember, and put the photos in a scrapbook or a frame for your new home. This will help lessen the impact of moving away from their friends.

Allow them to Adjust
Moving house, particularly to a different city or country is a huge change for your kids, no matter how old they are. Leaving their friends, school and familiar areas can be very difficult and take some getting used to. Talking with them openly about their concerns or emotions can be very helpful when adapting to these changes. Younger children especially may struggle to deal with their new lifestyle, and as such more patience may be required.

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