5 Fun Things to do with Old Cardboard Storage Boxes

Completing a move into a new home is a moment of huge relief, no matter how old or young you are. Days, maybe weeks of repetitive journeys, back breaking lifting and little to no sleep means that by the time comes that you've finally finished your work, you have no energy left for anything else. But what about all those empty boxes that are left? The simple answer would be to recycle them, or store them away for later use, but there are other functions for these boxes that are a little more enjoyable than that, especially for young children!

Perhaps the classic use of unwanted cardboard boxes is transforming them into a makeshift castle for any youngsters (and any adults who are young at heart). Stacking those boxes into a den or fort can provide hours of entertainment for children, and combining them with pillows and duvets, you will be surprised at just how long they can make use of it for!

Christmas Decorations
Why not use those leftover boxes to indulge your creative side? Cut them up to make Christmas decorations, saving yourself a bit of money and a trip to the shops. Kids love getting arty, so bring out the paints, the pens and the glitter and let them take creative control. This is probably the messiest option, but it's definitely something the kids will enjoy being a part of.

Box Vehicles
As with the Christmas decoration option, this will require you to get a little creative but the end result will hopefully be worth it! Cut bits of the cardboard into a steering wheel, wing mirrors, wheels etc. and then you have your very own cardboard box car! This method also works for cardboard box planes, too, however you may find that any cardboard box vehicle requires you to push it around the house. But if the children enjoy it, then it's worth it!

Personal Boxes
Any smaller boxes that you may have used can be reconstituted as a personal possessions box for a child. They can decorate the box how they please, and once they have finished with it, it will be something for them to store their priceless possessions in! This may create a bit of mess, but the creativity is something that the kids will love doing. Plus, if they have made a storage box themselves, they are less likely to leave stuff lying around on the floor, which is always a bonus.

School Projects
While school projects may not fall into the ‘fun' category necessarily, the projects that require arts and craft skills may benefit from these left over storage boxes. Whether you need to create a scale model of something, or if you need to design something completely new; cardboard boxes and tubing are a great, cheap way to do it. Once again, kids can customise them how they please and this might give them a slightly more positive attitude to homework!

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