First Time Buyers

Your very first home is always special thing. If you're moving out of your parents' home into your own place, or moving in somewhere new with a partner, you will always remember your first home. With that in mind it pays to plan ahead and make your first move full of memories for the right reasons - here are five tips to help you along on your first move:

Write yourself lists
Moving house takes a lot of organisation, with so many things on your mind there's bound to be something you forget. Writing a ‘to do' list will help you to avoid missing things out - important or otherwise. Keep yourself a notebook handy so that you can always jot down those things that you might otherwise forget. There will always seem to be a lot of things to remember - writing them down can help keep you in control and reduce stress levels.

Open a joint bank account
Joint accounts are handy for keeping track of shared costs such as shopping, bills or mortgage payments. You will still be able to keep your existing account and move money between your account and the joint account. Remember, you are both equally responsible for a joint account and should one of you exceed set limits, you will both be liable for the debt.

Combine your possessions
If you and a partner are moving in together after having lived separately, it is highly likely that you will have your own possessions - two sets of everything; cutlery, crockery, electrical items and so on. Get together before the move and decide what to share, what to keep and what to get rid of. This will keep down the cost of your move because Swan Removals And Storage, as with any removal company, charge by volume.
Choose the best of duplicate possessions, and find new homes for the things you no longer need - either advertise for sale, pass on to family or friends or give to charity. You may want to hang on to most of your items, put them in temporary storage and decide what to do with them a letter date.

Packing your items
Well-packed items use up fewer boxes, which will save you time and money when moving. Some one at Swan Removals will be available for advice on packing and we also offer a complete packing service.
Labelling your boxes will save you time when unpacking and makes things easier to find when you arrive at you new home. You could colour code your boxes for each room, which will help to make things even clearer for your removal company when delivering you items.

Have a break
Take some time to look after yourself - it's so easy to become preoccupied with everything at hand that you forget to look after your body's needs – simple things like food, water and sleep! Take some time to set a meal plan, work to goals and reward yourself with breaks.
Allow yourself time to settle in properly. It will take some time to adjust to your new home. Once you are totally comfortable with your new home, things should settle down and you can begin to enjoy your new home.

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