Eliminate Unwanted Odours

More than 80% of homeowners make a direct connection between the cleanliness of the floors in their home and the health of their family. We remember to take off shoes and mop when cleaning, but we often overlook the odours in our homes, which can be the cause of airborne germs that can cause illness - odours from cupboards, your laundry and even from your pets. Here are some quick and easy ways to rid your home of unwanted odours - and help keep them away.

Add Lemon
Adding some lemon can help in eliminating odours from cooking in the kitchen or from the rubbish bin. Put a mix together: boil two cups of water, add three tablespoons of baking soda and the peel of a lemon. Put the mix into a bowl or similar and leave on a shelf in the offending room.
You can use the remainder of the lemon as a natural disinfectant. Dilute it with water and use it to clean stains from your worktops and cutting boards and kill germs at the same time. Take the remaining lemon peel and throw it into the kitchen bin – that way you will lessen the odour from within.

Give Your Pet a Makeover
You may be thinking that the bad odours you smell are coming from your curtains and carpeting, but your pets could be the offenders. Make sure you give your pet a regular bath and clean out their bowls by soaking them with vinegar.

Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers are always an attractive way to get rid of odours from your home. Although flowers will not always have time to completely eliminate odours, they can mask the smell in the meantime – ideal if you have friends coming over and are pressed for time.
Remember to remove the flowers before they start dropping leaves and turning the water coloured. Take off any remaining leaves that look healthy and leave them out to dry. Put the dried flowers into a cotton bag and use them to help eliminate odours in cupboards and drawers.

White vinegar is a great way to eliminate odours and germs in your kitchen - wiping your fridge, cooker, walls and shelves with white vinegar will make a big difference.
Before you throw out your old work or gym clothes or dirty towels, all you have to do is add vinegar to your wash. Add two cups of white vinegar without any detergent and wash the items in hot water. Then wash the items again, this time with your usual washing powder.

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