A Few Secrets on Cleaning

Removing stubborn stains
Lemon juice can be more than invaluable in the pursuit of cleanliness, it has been a popular stain remover for centuries now. You can use lemon juice to remove rust and also stains from plastic, used neat or diluted. It's also great undiluted at removing curry stains from carpets and fabric. For common carpet stains such as beer, simply give the stain a dab with soda water.
Water marks on wooden surfaces can be removed by rubbing half a Brazil nut onto the mark, making sure the surface is completely dry - also rubbing with mayonnaise on a soft cloth or some toothpaste on a damp cloth will also do the trick.
Fingerprints and hand marks on your walls can be removed by simply rubbing the mark with slightly moist, stale white bread.

Creating a perfect shine
Forget about elbow grease - choosing the right cleaning product will make life effortless and easy.
Make your chrome taps in your bathroom or kitchen gleam by rubbing them with flour. To ensure your stainless steel sink doesn't appear dull in comparison, rub the surface gently with baking powder or buff with a scrunched-up ball of newspaper.
When it comes to glass white vinegar has no parallel, use it to wash glass and windows for a perfect, smear-free finish. To finish off use scrunched-up balls of newspaper to add that extra clear sheen to the glass.
To liven up wooden furniture try a solution of water and vinegar. Wash the furniture first with the solution, leave it to dry overnight, then apply a quality furniture polish and buff the wood.

Stubborn limescale removal
White vinegar comes to the rescue again for use on tough, hard-to-shift stains. The disinfectant properties in vinegar make it a perfect all-round cleaner. Remove bath stains with a 1 to 5 solution of white vinegar and water. To unclog showerheads dismantle them first and soak them for 20 minutes or so in vinegar.
To remove hard water marks in the toilet bowl, pour in a can of fizzy cola, leave it for an hour, then give the toilet a flush. Now for your glass shower doors, this time with something a little stronger – a glass of white wine will remove any stains or limescale and remember to rinse afterwards.

So remember next time you have some daunting cleaning tasks to carry out it's not always the strong chemical that will do the job best. Using natural, everyday solutions can save time, money and a whole lot of elbow grease – they smell much nicer too!

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